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From: W.G. Iyer (guhan777at_private)
Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 17:27:17 PDT

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    > I would like some opinions, advice, or info on:
    > - is there any way to view records? webmin has a
    > 'last logon' option, but now that
    > /var/log has been blown away, its not working
    > right..
    The nature of the attack, i.e. box is r00ted indicates
    that you cannot trust any of the information 
    you find with any certainity. With that said, you can
    check your /etc/syslog.conf file to see if there are
    any log files in a directory other than /var/log. You
    can also check services like Apache (httpd.conf) to
    see if they logged to a directory other than /var/log.
    > - any other recommendations? I'm pretty proficient
    > in linux, but this is the first time
    > ive ran into a hacked box. from my past reading, i
    > know the steps are to try and recover
    > any data not malformed and reinstall. any other
    > pointers?
    If your attacker was sloppy, you may find useful
    information in the users history file, .bash_history,
    especially those users with uid 0.
    If the hacked machine was behind a packet filter, or
    there is a sniffer on the line anywhere between the
    hacked box and the net, that you have access to, you
    can check those logs as well.
    Best of luck, 
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