RE: Strange TCP headers

From: Robert Buckley (rbuckleyat_private)
Date: Fri May 10 2002 - 10:40:04 PDT

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    	< It's not like there's
    a standard signature... ACK FIN URG set or something. Some have two flags,
    some have three, some have all six, some have none. It really seems like
    someone is manipulating these packets. >
    It sure does seem that way, in fact I noticed in some of your output that
    the header size was 0.
    Now we all know thats a sure impossibility. Pix wont pass anything from a
    high -> low interface
    without a bare SYN on it 1st anyways, so we can bet its not going to get
    Mirror a port and throw a sniffer there and monitor the port in question. If
    you find 
    the garbage is truly garbage, and pix is reporting correctly, trace it back
    to the user.
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