Re: exploited win2k box, not quite sure how:

From: John Jasen (jjasen1at_private)
Date: Mon May 20 2002 - 13:44:00 PDT

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    On Fri, 17 May 2002, John Jasen wrote:
    > Got a wierd one here.
    > Win2k server, SP2
    > IIS 5.0
    > SQL server 7
    > ipswitch imail 6.x
    > Its definitely been broken into. PC-cillian bas picked up a few nimda
    > files, and there is a directory c:\tAGGEd with various subdirectories
    > under it, and an unopenable file C:\TaGGed By Ca$e.
    > I'm working on getting a disk image up for perusal, but that might take a
    > few days.
    > Anybody seen this yet? Searching securityfocus, McAfee, Google, and a few
    > other places has come up dry.
    To further the explanation, the patch level on the OS was SP2. I've not
    yet poked into IIS's patch revisions, or SQL's.
    It's a long story, but this was a third party box that got mangled, and I
    got to dissect it.
    As for anonymous writeable ftp, I don't know. IIS had three definitions to
    allow ftp, one of which did not allow anonymous writes, one of which did,
    and one of which was user/pass restricted. Figuring out what was running
    has proven difficult, as before the client realised that things were far
    out of control, they tried fixing some things on their own.
    I'll probably look at it again tomorrow and see what can be ascertained.
    Yes, the box had a pretty trivial admin password. The client didn't change
    our shipped default.
    Yes, it had default.ida executeable. (bleh).
    I'm truly leaning towards it having been hit more than once.
    -- John E. Jasen (jjasen1at_private)
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