Re: AOL "proxy" behavior?

From: Jeff Jirsa (jeffat_private)
Date: Mon Aug 19 2002 - 14:08:30 PDT

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    On Mon, 19 Aug 2002, Michael  B. Morell wrote:
    > The netblock is owned by AOL (195.73.x.x/16).  I received about 20-30
    > requests (albeit valid requests) from what looked like 20 sequential hosts
    > from within that block.  Further inspection of the logs though showed that
    > it was from really 1 session (validated thru aspsession identifier).
    > So my question is, does anyone know whether or not that this is some sort of
    > valid AOL proxy behavior where a request for a single page can go thru
    > multiple proxies?  Spawning multiple proxies to request information that
    > generally only 1 proxy would get.  (ie, a request for a web page resulted in
    > 3 different hosts getting different parts of the page, all off of the same
    > aspsession id)
    Completely normal. From one of the sites I administer (in standard apache
    combined format) : - - [17/Aug/2002:21:03:27 -0700] "GET / HTTP/1.0" - - [17/Aug/2002:21:03:34 -0700] "GET /file1.jpg
    HTTP/1.0" - - [17/Aug/2002:21:03:34 -0700] "GET /file2.jpg
    HTTP/1.0" - - [17/Aug/2002:21:03:34 -0700] "GET /file3.jpg
    HTTP/1.0" - - [17/Aug/2002:21:03:35 -0700] "GET /file4.jpg
    HTTP/1.0" - - [17/Aug/2002:21:03:36 -0700] "GET /menu2.swf
    HTTP/1.0" - - [17/Aug/2002:21:03:46 -0700] "GET /file6.jpg
    I've trimmed the referrer and useragent fields, but they seem to be valid
    as well.
    - Jeff Jirsa
    Jeff Jirsa
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