Re: Trojan? DDOS Bot?

From: Dragos Ruiu (drat_private)
Date: Tue Aug 27 2002 - 04:39:44 PDT

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    On August 27, 2002 08:22 am, Janusat_private wrote:
    > I recogniced some weird connections from my box (w98)
    > to other computers. As soon as i connect to the
    > internet a connection from local port 1026 to port 6667
    > on was established. I connected to that
    > server and it is an irc server (MusIRC Internet Relay
    > Chat Network). I found a bot using my adress with a
    > random name made up of letters. 
    0wn4g3 details ommitted...
    > I couldnt find a freeware tool to find out which
    > process is using this specific irc connection, nor did
    > a scan with f-prot or housecall or panda reveal any
    > viral or trojan activity.
    > Any help or info would be really appreciated. Thanks in
    > advance
    lsof will be your friend on unixes:-)
    (LS Open Files)
    For MS products as I assume you are using
    from the MIRC usage, check out the excellent tools
    the folks at put out.
    (My thanks to them if they are reading
    for they are truly useful to me...)
    There was another lsof like tool for windows
    called "inzider" you might want to look at too...
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