Re: 2002/udp flood

From: Mike Nowlin (mikeat_private)
Date: Tue Aug 27 2002 - 23:03:04 PDT

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    Richard L. Anderson writes: 
    > I have a FreeBSD web server that is receiving large amounts of UDP
    > traffic to port 2002.  Here is an example of the traffic I'm seeing
    > (Source and Destination IP addresses scrubbed):
    Welcome to the club...  :) 
    We have been experiencing the same thing for a little over a week, on and 
    off.  Sometimes, there's enough incoming UDP traffic to slow access to a 
    crawl, other times it's just a mild irritant (knowing that it's there), and 
    other times, it's completely gone.  We were attacked via the Apache bug a 
    few weeks ago with the UDP port 2001 floods along with it - fixed the 
    server, removed the backdoor, and all was well for about two weeks.  Then, 
    this started all over again on port 2002.  (This time, however, I don't see 
    any evidence of an intrusion - just the UDP flooding.) 
    I'm not sure what this all adds up to - a lack of any similar reports made 
    me think that we were under an "aimed specifically at you" DDoS attack, but 
    now I'm wondering... 
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