RE: Trojan? DDOS Bot?

From: David LeBlanc (dleblancat_private)
Date: Thu Aug 29 2002 - 20:05:19 PDT

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    If you're running XP or .NET Server, netstat -o will list the process
    IDs, so you won't need fport. You would of course have to edit the perl
    script to work with the changes.
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    Hi Janus,
    There's an excellent tool I've been using for a while, actually set of
    Download from It also
    has a EXE version PD.EXE running on Windows.
    To use this tool, you need to have output from Pslist.exe, handle.exe,
    fport.exe, listdlls.exe and netstat.exe tool. You can get them from or Netstat.exe
    is native Windows tool.
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