Any tcp/608 activity?

From: Andrey G. Sergeev (AKA Andris) (andrisat_private)
Date: Sat Aug 31 2002 - 10:05:30 PDT

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    Did anyone here seen *any* activity, either legal or suspicious, on
    TCP port 608 for, say, past 3 months? My question _isn't related_ to
    Sender-Initiated/Unsolicited File Transfer proto (RFC 1440) although
    I'm still interested in your comments if you're using this service and
    have some records in the SIFT-UFT daemon logs saying something like
    "Unrecognized command", "Invalid data", "Bad request" and so on.
    Yours sincerely,
    Andrey G. Sergeev (AKA Andris)
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