Re: sys_setpriority error

From: Chris Wright (chrisat_private)
Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 17:41:53 PDT

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    * David Wagner (dawat_private) wrote:
    > Titus D. Winters wrote:
    > >I think the issue is that the logic is wrong (or unclear at the least.)
    > >
    > >Currently it is saying:
    > >if (you are rootish, own the process, or the module lets you) you can
    > >renice things
    > >
    > >And Roy suggests:
    > >if ((you are rootish or own the process) AND (the module lets you)) you
    > >can renice things.
    > I haven't been following this thread carefully, but if your summary
    > is correct, I too prefer the latter (Roy's suggestion).  For Janus,
    > we found it critical (when sandboxing root processes) to be able to
    > add restrictions that are stricter than what the base kernel enforces.
    > IMHO, it is crucial to be able to enforce policies where root is nothing
    > special, and if I'm not mistaken, only Roy's suggestion enables this.
    > (Am I missing something?)
    The current implementation allows the module to override other factors in
    giving you permission.  It does _not_ allow the module to override other
    factors in denying permission.  I suspect this is a pervasive issue.  I took
    the _very_ conservative approach with the capability_module and the
    placement of this hook.  The current implementation preserves the
    functionality _exactly_ as it is in the non-lsm kernel.
    Also, the other factors I mentioned above have nothing to do with root.
    They are specifically:
     * is the process uid of the process i'd like to nice the same as my euid
     * is the process uid of the process i'd like to nice the same as my uid
    no_nice = security_ops->task_ops->setnice(p, niceval);
    if (p->uid != current->euid && p->uid != current->uid && no_nice) {
    In general, I'm not sure if the ability to override allow vs. the ability to
    override deny is consistent.  This sounds like a good candidate for careful
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