Re: sys_setpriority error

From: Casey Schaufler (caseyat_private)
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 15:20:47 PDT

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    David Wagner wrote:
    > Stephen Smalley  wrote:
    > >It seems that we should be able to address this problem by providing
    > >support for composing security modules with the dummy functions.
    > Good point.  That sounds like a clean way to address the issue.
    One can always write a policy which encompasses multiple
    policy components, without resorting to composition. The
    "dummy" functions should provide the "traditional" Linux
    behavior. Any module which replaces the traditional (dummy)
    modules will have to account for the traditional behavior,
    either by maintaining it or replacing it.
    > This does have one interesting consequence: We have to start thinking
    > about composition.  Up to now, there was some rough consensus to not
    > even think about composition at all, because it is tricky.  I'd like
    > to suggest that we ought to think carefully about composition---I think
    > there are some things we can do to make the problems less troublesome
    > (see some of my earlier posts on the topic), but composition introduces
    > non-trivial issues.
    Policy composition goes well beyond "non-trivial". If
    you've any doubts, consider a policy as simple as privileged
    ports. Is it a DAC policy? If it isn't, and "privilege"
    is defined as permission to violate a policy (as P1003.1e
    assumes) then what kind of policy is it, and how does that
    relate to the DAC policy on files?
    (Please, no one start a thread trying to answer these questions!)
    I remain of the opinion that a policy composer policy module
    is the best way to handle this issue.
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