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From: Jesse Pollard (pollardat_private)
Date: Wed Aug 01 2001 - 10:37:08 PDT

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    > On Tue, Jul 31, 2001 at 10:10:16PM -0700, Greg KH wrote:
    > > If not, I'd recommend you doing the work if you want to, otherwise
    > > you'll be getting emails saying "go reboot the machine" all the time :)
    > Though X10 devices may help mitigate this problem... :)
    I'm still learning what these systems can actually do.
    The console (keyboard video and mouse) are through a converter box external
    to the system. This converter box also has a very wide RJ11/RJ45 style
    connector with a different lable (and four wires visible from outside).
    I don't know what this is for ... just found it - It's the CMBus Access
    Connector ???. This could be for  a remote console control used by the
    second generation system I saw offered. I don't know (nor can I get one
    at this time -$$$ and they no longer sell hardware :-( ) if it is functional
    in the 1000.
    The base signals are recognizable (what the box is plugged into) except for
    pins 17/18 (XLCL and XLDA). I don't know what these are - the other signals
    are the RGB, sync keboard data/clock/power, mouse clock/data. 
    I also don't know what the CON_DCC_DAT and CON_DCC_CLK are either, but these
    could be part of the video data I'm not familiar with.
    These things are fast - dual 850 MHz PIII with 1 GB memory .. no swapping,
    nearly no IO. A kernel build was under 5 minutes (perception.. I didn't
    thing to time it, nor did I think to do a -j 6 (8/10..) either.
    If nothing else, I'll get to try my own module (I want to hide kerberos
    behind the system calls in a helper daemon(s)). And do some IPSec work.
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