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Date: Mon Aug 06 2001 - 09:56:51 PDT

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    On Fri, 3 Aug 2001, Crispin Cowan wrote:
    > Ted Ts'o agreed to be the gateway dude for LSM.  I've sent him a query asking about
    > the "move all DAC logic to a module" question.  But I only did it an hour ago, so I
    > don't know how long before we get a response.
    Any word yet one way or another?  I'm concerned, a bit, for the following
    1) the more patches/work that get done within the "restrictive_only"
    model, the more work have to do here to convert from "restrictive_only" to 
    2) the suggestion that somebody was going to be asked to provide a more
    definitive answer stopped, again, the arguments for authoritative hooks
    and DAC->module migration, and work is still progressing on a vector that 
    increases the distance between the current result and the proposed result.
    3) If there HAS been no response, it would suggest either A) Ted is
    unavailable to comment right now or B) there is no strong desire to
    clarify (perhaps because Ted doesn't want it and Linus might, both are
    waiting for this question to play out, or, possibly, C) either or both are
    hoping we'll preserve a good argument AGAINST acceptance of LSM.
    If the option is A:
      Let's come up with a good, clear, deterministic question for Linus and 
      ASK him.
    If the option is B:
      Let's forget the "Linus said" argument and argue it out to a consensus 
      only on it's merits.
    If the option is C:
      Let's just "do the right thing" and hope for the best.
    If the option is "NONE OF THE ABOVE":
      I volunteer to propose an un-weighted, answerable question, to both 
      Ted and Linus, after submitting this query to the list for approval.
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