[ANNOUNCE] 2001_11_05 patch against 2.4.14

From: Greg KH (gregat_private)
Date: Tue Nov 06 2001 - 01:48:43 PST

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    Well 2.4.14 is now out, and a few new things have changed in the LSM
    tree, so here's a new release.
    Note, the release structure has changed a bit.  Since there are third
    party Security modules in the LSM tree, we are going to be releasing 2
    patches, the first patch:
    contains the base LSM patch, the dummy module, and the capabilities
    The second patch:
    can be applied on top of the first patch.  It currently contains the
    port of the OpenWall RLIMIT_NPROC feature by Emily Ratliff
    <ratliffat_private> and the DTE Security module by Serge Hallyn
    (see http://www.cs.wm.edu/~hallyn/dte for more info.)  These modules are
    provided as an example of how to use the LSM patch, and have not been
    tested by the LSM main developers.  Use at your own risk :)
    If you want both patches already applied together (ready to be applied
    to a clean 2.4.14 tree, grab:
    The whole ChangeLog for this release is at:
    What's changed since the 2001_10_14 patch:
      - minor Makefile tweak for dte make modules_install.		Chris Wright
      - keep capability module must_not_trace_exec() up-to-date.	Chris Wright
      - fix compile bug in loop.c					Chris Wright
      - forward port to 2.4.14					me
      - added more documentation to the main security structure.	me
      - converted security.h to the proper kernel-doc format.	me
      - added CONFIG_SECURITY_NPROC documentation			Emily Ratliff
      - removed _plug from the module names				Chris Wright
      - changed configure items to CONFIG_SECURITY_*		me
      - added DTE Configure.help documentation			Serge Hallyn
      - minor dte compile warning fixes				me
      - Basic information added for CONFIG_LSM_IP.			James Morris
      - added rest of Configure.help entries			me
      - added Serge Hallyn's DTE security module to the tree.	Serge Hallyn
      - minor cleanups to the two modules				me
      - Emily Ratliff's <ratliffat_private> nproc plug patch.	Emily Ratliff
      - removed the version field from struct security_operations.	me
    greg k-h
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