Re: [PATCH] no longer export capability_ops and nproc_ops

From: jmjonesat_private
Date: Wed Nov 07 2001 - 16:19:43 PST

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    On Wed, 7 Nov 2001, Seth Arnold wrote:
    > On Wed, Nov 07, 2001 at 06:46:32PM -0500, jmjonesat_private wrote:
    > > Is there ANY reason to remove this export, other than it forces LSM
    > > modules?
    > It is obvious we are speaking at cross angles, or whatever that
    > expression is.
    > The symbols Chris is proposing to remove were added by the LSM project,
    > and are confined to the LSM project. No one outside of the LSM community
    > could possibly be using these symbols, since they didn't exist until we
    > put them there. :)
    Well done.  Simple.  If LSM does not exist, these exports do not exist.
    If that is the case, I see no value to them.
    Thanks, Seth... 
    I Suspect You are more valuable than anybody expects to 
    the "LSM SALE",
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