From: Greg KH (gregat_private)
Date: Thu Nov 08 2001 - 11:27:01 PST

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    On Thu, Nov 08, 2001 at 09:58:58AM -0800, Casey Schaufler wrote:
    > I was sort of hoping that the posting to lkml was going to
    > be a group effort, representing the efforts of all involved.
    > That is what you meant, right?
    That is what I meant.
    > No one seems to have voiced an objection to my suggestion
    > regarding the start of Phase II. That means everyone agrees,
    > doesn't it?
    Personally, I'm not even thinking of "Phase II" right now.  We have no
    idea of how the LSM code will look like when (and if) it eventually ends
    up in the kernel.  Odds are, it will look quite different from the
    current patch (unless we are _very_ lucky :)  Because of this, I'm only
    focusing on the immediate task at hand, and not worrying about what LSM
    will look like, or support, after it gets accepted, that's just
    premature worrying and planning that will be for naught right now.
    Sure, I think we should consider authoritative hooks, and other types of
    changes in the future, but I'm not making any commitments right now.
    greg k-h
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