[ANNOUNCE] 2002_04_22 patch against 2.5.7

From: Chris Wright (chrisat_private)
Date: Mon Apr 22 2002 - 00:42:41 PDT

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    2.5.7 lsm patch released.  Sorry I was slow getting this one out.  I was
    preempted by other priority tasks.  Expect to see 2.5.8 shortly.
    Full lsm-2.5 patch (LSM + all modules) is available at:
    The whole ChangeLog for this release is at:
    What's changed since the 2002_03_14-2.5.6 patch:
     - 2.5.7-pre and 2.5.7 merges				(me)
     - minor DTE fix					(Serge Hallyn)
     - assorted LIDS cleanup				(Huagang Xie)
       - can stack with OWLSM module
       - bug fix in acl inheritance
       - capability bug fix					(Jan Kurik,
       							Radek Bohunsky)
     - added socket post_accept and skb recv_datagram hooks (Chris Vance)
     - SELinux cleanups					(Stephen Smalley)
       - update server's allocation flags and locking primitives
       - interrupt safe write_lock to ensure write ordering
       - deadlock fix
       - extend module stack to allow owlsm
       - updates for benchmarking
     - fixed lsm netfilter hook placement			(James Morris)
     - backport may_open for nfsservctl protection		(me)
     - remove nfsservctl hook				(me)
    This has many module updates and the usual framework merging to keep in
    line with changes in the kernel.  Out of tree modules should note, there
    were some lsm interface changes.  Please give this one a whirl and report
    any problems as usual.
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