Re: [RFC] No more module_* hooks

From: Mike Wray (mike_wrayat_private)
Date: Mon Sep 30 2002 - 01:06:14 PDT

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    Subject: [RFC] No more module_* hooks
    > Hi,
    > In looking at the hooks that we have, that no one uses, module_* were an
    > easy target.  So here's a series of patches that removes them.  If no
    > one complains, I'll commit these to the main tree.
    > Well, DTE did use the module_delete hook, but that's not the way to
    > prevent yourself from ever being unloaded.  Just do a MOD_DEC_USE_COUNT;
    > in your init_module() function, and then you can't be unloaded.
    > Comments?
    I'd like the module hooks to stay too.
    Control over which modules can be loaded is an important part
    of controlling a system. LSM security applications will want to
    do that. If you want concrete users, we expect to be one.
    Mike Wray
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