[ANNOUNCE] 2.5.59-lsm1

From: Chris Wright (chrisat_private)
Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 18:37:11 PST

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    The Linux Security Modules project provides a lightweight, general
    purpose framework for access control.  The LSM interface enables
    security policies to be developed as loadable kernel modules.
    See http://lsm.immunix.org for more information.
    2.5.59-lsm1 patch released.  This is a rebase up to 2.5.59 as well as
    some minor interface and module updates.  Out of tree projects will want
    to resync with interface changes.
    Full lsm-2.5 patch (LSM + all modules) is available at:
    The whole ChangeLog for this release is at:
    The LSM 2.5 BK tree can be pulled from:
     - merge with 2.5.53-59					(GregKH and me)
     - remove inode_post_lookup hook, add d_instantiate hook (Stephen Smalley)
     - email addr updates					(Stephen Smalley)
     - merge with mainline ipc updates			(me)
     - Fix ipc merge whitespace diffs			(Stephen Smalley)
     - DTE: fix compilation errors				(Stephen Smalley)
     - SELinux: restore sem_semop				(Stephen Smalley)
    Linux Security Modules     http://lsm.immunix.org     http://lsm.bkbits.net
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