Re: [PATCH][RFC] Remove kmod_set_label hook

From: Stephen D. Smalley (sdsat_private)
Date: Wed Mar 26 2003 - 09:56:31 PST

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    > I obviously need more caffeine.. I was pretty sure stuff running out
    > of keventd was in the kernel context, and as a result was essentially
    > trusted code.  How would this work?
    Different jobs run from the keventd work queue (and different kernel
    threads using reparent_to_init) are likely to require different
    permissions, and it would be preferable to maintain them in separate
    security "domains" rather than lumping them all into one all powerful
    domain for least privilege purposes.  Even "trusted" code should be
    limited to the extent possible to reduce the risk of it being tricked
    into misusing its privileges.  Keep in mind that at least some of these
    jobs execute user mode helpers, e.g. modprobe, and imposing
    restrictions on these user mode helpers may be useful, e.g. limiting
    modprobe to reading a certain set of "approved" module object files.
    You can still do that to some extent, since you can trigger a domain
    transition on the execve, but you don't have any contextual information
    about the particular kernel thread or workqueue job.
    Stephen Smalley, NSA
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