Re: about the <2002 usenix security symposium>

From: Chris Wright (chrisat_private)
Date: Tue Jun 10 2003 - 10:13:07 PDT

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    * Wade Yin ( wrote:
    > Hi everyone,
    > What kernel version dose this does this document discussed?
    IIRC, the paper discusses 2.5.15.
    > Many contents of the doc are differnet with SELinux(LSM-2.5)??? 
    There are some new hooks as well as hooks that have been removed, so the
    current LSM is not the same as the one in the paper.  The hooks are also
    now conditionally compiled (e.g. CONFIG_SECURITY) and have been made
    into static inline functions as part of enabling the comile time option.
    However, the basic concept hasn't really changed at all.
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