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Content preview:   ãϲơ¡Դ ܸ˴˽ϢǵIJƷҲЩô,Ÿϵһҵʼеû壬ôԭǵðɾδɸͱʼdzǸɶʾǸ⣡ [...] 

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˾ϸ SMT㱥ӡˢʡģȻٺֱ̩ϵȶӷСʹڳʡ޶޴̼ζʹðȫɿص㣬ƷʵӲƷ븨ƷҿڲƷʹá




1۵ַбҵ·/绰0755-27781093 棺0755-27752507

2۵ַ·ᾫܵӹ/绰0755-2778 1133 棺0755-2788 1145

3۵ַٷṤ߲Ʒչʾ/绰0755-2778 0883 棺0755-2775 2615

4۵ַӳǵ绰0755-2783 8123 棺0755-2783 8123

5۵ַDZУ绰0755-2789 6600  棺0755-2789 6600

6۵ַݸƽٷӪҵ绰0769-3820444  棺0769-3820555

7۵ַݸʯӪ绰0769-3824444  棺0769-3824555


9۵ַݸľӪ绰0769-7726499  棺0769-7723783

10۵ַǿӾӪ绰0768-2128220  棺0768-2128008

11۵ַϺӺ޹˾绰021-59966412  棺021-69522922

12۵ַбɳ绰0755-27299535  棺 27299535

13۵ַӸ׹˾绰0661-4494439 棺0661-4491439

14۵ַκк賱ӸϾӪ绰0754-5731034 棺0754-5816867

15۵ַǹӸе绰020-87562089  棺020-87562089











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