Re: How to get full pathname from an inode?

From: Omen Wild (Omen.Wildat_private)
Date: Fri Jul 25 2003 - 12:57:00 PDT

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    Quoting Valdis.Kletnieksat_private <Valdis.Kletnieksat_private> on Thu, Jul 24 16:23:
    > There's also a rather nasty race condition in the time between when the binary
    > itself gets started by exec(), and the runtime loader resolves all the shared
    > libraries and you actually get to main().....
    As each library gets loaded off the disk it will get checksummed,
    independently of the binary.
    I think I understand.  /bin/ls gets executed.  My module sits in the
    file_permission path, verifies the binary on disk is correct and allows
    the load to continue.  Between the time I make my decision and the time
    the pages actually get loaded off of disk, someone manages to sneak a
    Trojan'd binary in.  The execute actually happens and the Trojan'd
    binary loaded.  
    One side effect of my module is that it uses kernel_read to read the
    contents off disk and SHA1 them.  The pages will then be cached for the
    actual execute.  I do not see a race there.  If the kernel detects a
    page has changed and needs to reload it off disk, then I need to catch
    that and recheck the contents of the file.  
    How do I make sure that I catch every valid (not direct to /dev/hda1,
    memory, or swap) write and clear my cached bit?  I do not believe the
    direct access can be protected against from this module.  But this
    module could stack with something (SELinux?) that provides those
    "Sure, I am generalizing from a single example, but everyone does that -
    I know I do."

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