FWD:Linux Cute & Sassy...U know your curious!! badly

From: Awake H. Kneader (Chelsiloral@private)
Date: Mon Jul 26 2004 - 21:10:32 PDT

Hey Linux
I need a guy wh0 has a b ig _____, is a great kisser, built body and complexion, must be o v e r 5'9 and must be proportional. 
Must be t0tal h0ttie prefferably with a tan. 
If this is y0u, c on tact me asap


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alarm tells rapid eerie ducks loads safes guess gifts moved quite as digit

mail all written request with a c o p y of this statement to:

Suite #186
4-115o N. Terminal Ave.
Nanaim0, British C0lumbia
V9S 5L6
C a n a d a

y0ur email is linux-security-module@private just never send me another communication again.

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