Re: Trustees Linux for 2.6 kernel

From: Andrew Ruder (aeruder@private)
Date: Mon Nov 01 2004 - 00:33:19 PST

Andrew Ruder wrote:
> Just wondering/hoping someone can take a look and offer any suggestions, 
> bugs, criticisms, etc.  I would really appreciate it as I am very new to 
> kernel programming in general (this is my first project).  I know some 
> of the code is still somewhat messy.

In regards to an off-list email I received, I am unsure about the 
stacking capabilities of the lsm api.  As of right now, the module 
doesn't even attempt to register itself as a secondary module. It does 
not currently (and I do not plan to) even use any security fields of the 
various kernel structures, so perhaps that makes it more easily 
stackable?  Investigating these things is still on my todo list and 
would be figured out before any official release of the new trustees code.

Andrew Ruder

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