[RFC] [Stacking v4 2/3] New version of SELinux patch to support stacking

From: Serge Hallyn (serue@private)
Date: Fri Dec 03 2004 - 10:04:00 PST

Attached is a new version of the SELinux patch.  It uses the
lsm_adopt_next_secondary() function exported by stacker to stack
capability underneath itself if capability, stacker, and selinux are all
compiled in.

Note that, just because of the way I pushed/popped this time, the
selinux patch comes before the stacker patch which I will send out next.
(The stacker patch includes a more generic change which perhaps I should
have separated out, which gets rid of mod_unreg_security.)

Serge Hallyn
Security Software Engineer, IBM Linux Technology Center

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