Re: How to do lockless stacking (was Re: LSM Stacker)

From: David A. Wheeler (dwheeler@private)
Date: Mon Dec 20 2004 - 15:23:47 PST

Greg KH wrote:
> RCU is lockless-on-reading from what I remember.

I vaguely remembered that there was an issue with RCU
that made that not quite true.  My thanks to someone
else who emailed me and reminded me of at least one issue:
kernel preemption.

RCU isn't lockless if kernel preemption is enabled.
See the source code in:
for lines 136-137, and then:
and friends. (Yes, I know 2.6.9 is out there; this
is just an easy way for me to provide a hypertext link
to a specific line of code).
Without pre-emption, it's a no-op; with
pre-emption, there's both a count change and a barrier
operation on both the lock & unlock of the read lock.
That's true of 2.6.0 as well; I believe that came in for
version 2.5.4-pre6
Yes, currently many distributions don't turn on pre-emption
by default, but the low-latency benefits of preemption are nice.

I think it's worth thinking about an even more lockless version
of invoking each module & getting any relevant security
blobs.  I believe you can do that with some
pointer fiddling and careful alignment; my old draft
made it possible to do lockless module chaining, without
locking even in the presence of preemption.
I could be mistaken; these newer stackers are trying to
do things that mine wasn't trying to do.
But it's worth thinking about.

--- David A. Wheeler

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