Re: How to do lockless stacking (was Re: LSM Stacker)

From: Serge E. Hallyn (serue@private)
Date: Mon Dec 20 2004 - 17:06:55 PST

Hi David,

thanks for your comments.  Your lockless solution was
definately nifty.  I didn't switch it out lightly...

Quoting David A. Wheeler (dwheeler@private):
> This speed-up does have a cost: it means that
> removing LSM modules becomes a two-step operation,
> not a one-step operation.
> You have to deactivate a module, wait for a while,
> and THEN if you care about 1K-overheads remove the module
> (I recommend skipping the second step).

It was tempting to leave it this way :)  but I really didn't
like tossing out memory like that, at least not until I made
sure there was no other way.  And I couldn't think up a
clean solution to "wait a while".

Once I get some other preliminaries worked out (hopefully
enabling the "correct" behavior of stacker loading selinux +
capabilities) I plan to do some performance results
comparing the original lockless approach vs my rcu approach
to see what the impact really is.  For the moment, I felt
that a simple, clean RCU implementation would be most likely
to be acceptable to the kernel community.  Using the common
APIs also makes it easier for others to read my code and
spot my bugs.

If the impact turns out to be significant, I'll certainly
have to rethink my approach.

I am also very interested in comments about the locking on
kernel object security fields in lsm-chain.patch.  I would
like to use RCU there, but this seems to require more work
from the security modules themselves.  I prefer to present
them with a simple "security_set_value()" type of API as the
current patch does (at the cost of using a rwlock).


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