Re: Stacker performance results

From: Stephen Smalley (sds@private)
Date: Thu Mar 17 2005 - 06:13:37 PST

On Thu, 2005-03-17 at 08:05 -0600, Serge Hallyn wrote:
> Note that the stock REL4 2.6.9 kernel fares far worse.  Dbench comes in
> at
> dbench 693.689 697.263

Odd, but difficult to compare given that it is a different base kernel.
Alan Cox's comments at might be
applicable, but hopefully you can just use your internal test harness to
get more comprehensive and hopefully stable results, as well as
profiling data.  That would be useful as well for future use in any
further performance improvement work for SELinux.

Stephen Smalley <sds@private>
National Security Agency

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