Re: [PATCH] LSM user_struct hook

From: Davi Arnaut (davi.arnaut@private)
Date: Thu May 05 2005 - 15:34:10 PDT


On 5/5/05, Chris Wright <chrisw@private> wrote:
> * Davi Arnaut (davi.arnaut@private) wrote:
> > [PATCH] LSM: Add user_struct (alloc/free) hooks
> >
> > Allow a more fine-grained (and less complex strategy) for security
> > modules (models) based upon user tracking. A move toward
> > "a full-fledged user tracking system"..
> This needs a better explanation.  How do you expect to populate/use
> these new blobs?

With the traditional user_struct we cannot implement a _simple_ and reliable
URT (User Resource Tracking) system or provide a role basead grouping
within the kernel (through modules). This patch gives us the base for a system
wide tracking of users instead of a process-based limit, which enables
us to audit
and enforce global per-user system policies.

For exemple, this patch allows me to implement, with the current set of hooks,
a global per-user task|inode|socket|shm|sem limit and track abuse of those
resources. This is a great feature which can help sysadmins to distribute
resources along a group of users, especially true for servers full of
resource hungry users.

>  What do you do on switch_uid to update state?

Nothing, switch_uid only happens on reparent_to_init and set(re)uid
and there are hooks for those, should we care ?

> You don't need to add NULL ops to the selinux_ops, registration will
> handle that fine.

Placed on the terms of "hey, fill me in".

> Can you please send this patch to the LSM list
> (linux-security-module@private) and Cc: me to get a better discussion
> going?

Done. Please CC me in on any reply,

Davi Arnaut

> thanks,
> -chris
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> Linux Security Modules

Signed-of-by: Davi Arnaut <davi.arnaut@private>

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