[logs] Windows Event Log Analysis

From: Buck Buchanan (lbuchanaat_private)
Date: Fri Jan 03 2003 - 08:21:08 PST

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    And now for something completely different ;-).
    I discovered yesterday that Windows does not always log process creation
    and termination.  I was testing rasusers.exe from the Windows 2000 Server
    Resource Kit on a Windows NT 4 SP 6 machine and noticed that rasusers
    failed to log process termination.  I also found that running "arp -a" also
    failed to log process termination.  So far I have not found any other
    programs that have this behavior.
    Switching to Windows 2000 Professional SP 3 and checking for this behavior,
    I discovered that system was failing to log most process creation and
    termination events.  What the system was doing was adding the following
    event to the security log every 4 seconds:
    Source:     Security
    Category:   Object Access
    Type:       Failure
    EventID:    560
      Object Open:
          Object Server:          SC Manager
          Object Type:            SERVICE OBJECT
          Object Name:            cisvc
    Also going on at this time was Microsoft Word was using 99% of the CPU
    doing who knows what.  Exiting Word stopped the above event messages, and
    event logging returned to normal.  It also correctly logged process
    termination for rasusers, arp and everything else I tried.
    Since Windows Event logging is unreliable,  the results of log analysis may
    also be unreliable.
    B Cing U
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