RE: [logs] Windows Event Log Analysis

From: H C (keydet89at_private)
Date: Sat Jan 04 2003 - 07:56:33 PST

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    > I have both systems configured so that the event
    > logger logs everything that is sent to it. 
    Unfortunately, this tells me nothing whatsoever.  I'm
    not trying to obtuse or difficult, just absolutely
    clear.  Could you dump the audit config w/
    auditpol.exe, and post that?  It would certainly be
    more helpful and instructive.
    [superfluous information snipped for brevity]
    > Just checked arp and it again failed to log the
    > process termination.
    Unfortunately, whatever identifier the EventLog
    assigns to a process creation, it does NOT use the
    same identifier when the process terminates.  Do you
    get ANY process termination log entries at all?
    > Looking back through the event log, I find several
    > instances between May 31
    > and Dec 23 where arp logged termination correctly. 
    > Starting on Dec 31 it
    > failed to log termination of arp commands.  I did
    > find that I have a much
    > more frequent event showing a process being created,
    > but with no
    > corresponding termination event being logged.
    When looking for corresponding termination events,
    what exactly are you looking for?  Are you just
    looking for any number of creation events to match the
    same number of termination events, or are you looking
    at particular fields in the EventLog entry?
    > As usual, I find a new quirk in Microsoft's
    > operating systems and it leads
    > me to whole new set of questions with no easy
    > answers.
    Sometimes when I review the lists, the "quirks" that
    are identified aren't really "quirks" at all, just
    normal operations for the operating system
    environment, and most usually something that the
    poster thinks 'should' happen, rather than what really does.
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