RE: [logs] EventLog library

From: Rainer Gerhards (rgerhardsat_private)
Date: Tue Jan 07 2003 - 00:57:35 PST

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    > > * character set?
    > >   should we support different character sets? I think we 
    > should but I'm not
    > >   sure.
    > I think both are not required for the minimal/lowest common 
    > denominator standard API, as they are part of the 
    > "presentation layer".
    We have done work with logging Japanese messages and we have learned
    that it is not so easy to say "its just the upper layer". But I think
    this should be postponed until we have something 1.0ish...
    > > * output modules character conversion
    > >   should we use a single character encoding on the wire 
    > (UTF8?) would it be
    > >   mandatory or it should be configurable?
    > Just one. I prefer plain ASCII ;)
    I opt for confgurable. ANSI does not work for double-byte character
    sets. For example, in some encodings sare like this:
    The Lead-Byte is typically a value above 128, the DBCS chars can than be
    any value (including control-character like value like 0x0a or 0x0d),
    the trail byte is again typiallxy above 128. I am just saying this to
    level ground. As I wrote, I don't see any immediate need for action.
    > > * how to store the (prio, tagname) tuple?
    > >   I assigned a priority to tags to support tag ordering. 
    > This is done by
    > >   using functions like this:
    > >     evt_tag_str(e, 10, "testtag", "value")
    > > 
    > >   Currently I defined macros like this:
    > >     #define EVT_TAG_TESTTAG     10, "testtag"
    > > 
    > >   which can be substituted in function calls like this:
    > >     evt_tag_str(e, EVT_TAG_TESTTAG, "value")
    > > 
    > >   However I don't like this too much. Maybe a separate 
    > struct to specify
    > >   tags should be defined, but that would bloat the caller's code.
    > See above.
    > > * syslog facility/priority mapping?
    > > 
    > >   The syslog facility and priority values are currently 
    > mandatory, they
    > >   might be converted to simple tags, but how to send 
    > messages which do not
    > >   specify them?
    > I'd prefer it optional, so that the new API is not 
    > permanently tied to syslog. Actually the same holds for the 
    > second field of evt_open
    Well - but if it is absent, an intelligent mapping to syslog might be
    much more of an issue to map them onto syslog. We have build a similar
    protocol for our interal use in the products and we decided to provide a
    syslog pri/fac in any case. It doesn't hurt that much when developing
    and greatly helps to keep things consistent. Also, admins are very used
    to the pri/fac, so you might get an acceptance gain. I am not suggesting
    an API extension right now as I am not sure how the rest of the group
    feels about this... Comments anyone?
    > > And finally:
    > >   * applications, applications, applications
    > > 
    > > To help the final step, I'm going to convert syslog-ng to emit 
    > > messages
    > > using eventlog, and also schedule it into our Zorp project.
    > If we can get the common denominator we will have two 
    > implementations, 
    > which should be a nice start.
    We'll implement it in our products (EventReporter, MonitorWare Agent,
    WinSyslog) as soon as it evolves to relatively stable. So also support
    on Win32. 
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