Re: [logs] Charset selection (Was: Re: EventLog library)

From: Mikael Olsson (mikael.olssonat_private)
Date: Wed Jan 08 2003 - 03:32:25 PST

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    Rainer Gerhards wrote:
    > > If the base level standard is 7-bit ASCII (not! 8-bit), it is
    > > really easy to extend it to UTF-8 without breaking stuff.
    > > Double-byte charset stuff is IMHO evil and should just plain
    > > be avoided.
    > Well, isn't UTF-8 a kind of DBCS encoding? And have you followed the
    > limited acceptance Unicode receives in Japan. The problem are statements
    > like yours IMHO. If I were Japanese, I wouldn't like to read the the
    > encoding I need to use to make things working is "evil".
    Japanese and chinese writing systems are evil, too :)  </flamebait>
    Hrm, I might have gone a bit overboard there. DBCS using lead bytes
    might still be easy to use (it doesn't insert NULs, does it?).
    I was thinking more along the lines of Win32 Unicode, which I do
    believe is nothing but evil, partly from a storage/protocol point
    of view, but mostly from a programming point of view.
    I've been forced to deal with unicode in the past, only to get 
    tripped up by such trivial facts as "how the HELL do you store
    a unicode string in an SQL database?  -- Whoops, can't be done,
    unless you store it as a blob, and then you can't search on it".
    UTF-8 doesn't really have such problems.  It can be copied/stored/etc
    with normal string management routines, as long as you keep the 
    string intact and don't truncate it.  Is this also the case
    with DBCS encoding?
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