Re: [logs] EventLog library

From: Darren Reed (avalonat_private)
Date: Mon Jan 06 2003 - 20:27:04 PST

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    This is completely off topic but hopefully the mod will let me
    rant a little bit about one of the more unprofessional aspects
    of "open source software development"...
    Sigh, yet another software package we're being encouraged to
    use that the author doesn't feel is upto at least 'version 1.'
    If you're going to make it public, call it version 1.0.
    I really hate the idea of using software that's "version 0.45.3".
    After a while you start to feel that you should just remove the
    "0." at the front anyway.
    If 0.10 is just 10% of the final release then what's the point
    of even advertising it yet ?  Go away and come back when it's
    all there (ie. you have a 1.0)
    Personally, there's nothing to say that 1.0 must be a particular
    state but how do you have version 0's of anything ?  Does it
    even exist ?
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