RE: [logs] Syslog payload format

From: Ogle Ron (Rennes) (ron.ogleat_private)
Date: Tue Jan 14 2003 - 08:51:18 PST

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    Do you really think that a developer gives one thought to how you will parse
    the logs?  From their prospective, they are giving you what THEY think you
    need to know.  I mean come on, how many applications give you any real
    meaning for errors when an application burps or dies.  I love the -1 error.
    What does that mean anyway?
    Ron Ogle
    Rennes, France
    > The point is that the developer can not put the data out 
    > there with the
    > current syslog. At least not in a way that a log analysis tool written
    > by a third party can identify it. The developer might e.g. 
    > log the host
    > name of a host trying to connect to the application, but my 
    > log analysis
    > tool has no way to identify that part of the log message as a 
    > host name
    > without prior knowledge of the message formats generated by 
    > this particular
    > application. And that is one of the things we want to change.
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