Re: [logs] Syslog payload format

From: Bennett Todd (betat_private)
Date: Thu Jan 16 2003 - 10:48:20 PST

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    2003-01-15T19:23:44 Marshall Rose:
    > [ folks interested in actual syslog stuff should skip this message... ]
    Likewise this one.
    > i'm not familiar with the sgml/html thing [...]
    And as that was the one that I had felt tempted to comment on, you
    lure me out of lurking.
    HTML is an application of SGML.
    SGML was crafted in the late 1960s as a framework for creating
    markup languages. It enjoyed many successes in following years in
    industry; two that leap to mind are the stuff by Boeing to
    completely automate the distribution of technical documentation for
    their products, and the success in technical publishing of Docbook.
    Folks in the open source community might have also noticed the Linux
    Documentation Project, which adopted the Qwertz DTD (an SGML
    application modeled after LaTeX) as the foundation technology for
    building massive amounts of online documentation for Linux. They
    since migrated to Docbook, another SGML application.
    But SGML emerged in the forefront of peoples' notice when HTML was
    created. HTML is a markup language specified in SGML.
    HTML is the big public in-everybody's-face success story of SGML.

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