[logs] Can we build on existing software?

From: Karl Vogel (vogelkeat_private)
Date: Thu Jan 16 2003 - 13:58:10 PST

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    I saw this mentioned in the Feb 2003 SysAdmin.
    Spread is a toolkit that provides a high performance messaging service
    that is resilient to faults across external or internal networks.
    Spread functions as a unified message bus for distributed applications,
    and provides highly tuned application-level multicast and group
    communication support.  Spread services range from reliable message
    passing to fully ordered messages with delivery guarantees, even in
    case of computer failures and network partitions.
    Some of the most useful services Spread provides:
    * Efficient and reliable message bus.
    * Reliable multicast from any number of senders to lots of receivers.
    * Scalable group services that allow thousands of active groups.
    * Membership services that inform each component of an application
      of which other components are running, and enables easy recovery when
      some fail.
    * Agreed ordering of messages to the group - all receivers receive
      messages sent to the group in exactly the same order.  For many
      document or message based applications this avoids a lot of work
      that used to be required for the application to order messages for
      usability or reliability reasons.
    * FIFO ordering of data streams allows applications to easily add
      networked streaming multimedia such as video or audio without having
      to make changes to existing codes or libraries that expect an in-order
      stream with no holes because of dropped packets on the network.
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