RE: [logs] RE: NT Event Log and Web Server Attacks

From: Eric Fitzgerald (ericfat_private)
Date: Mon Jan 20 2003 - 11:00:17 PST

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    The new service will be 100% backwards compatible with the existing
    Event Log service APIs, and some of the capabilities of the new service
    will be available even to apps that use legacy eventing APIs, but you'll
    have to change API calls to take full advantage of all the features of
    the new service.
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    > We have something up our sleeve but I don't want to over-promise & 
    > under-deliver.  Look for a significant audit collection and analysis 
    > tool from us this summer, and a completely replaced event log service 
    > with some really neat analysis capabilities in the next version of 
    > Windows.
    What will this mean to users of the current APIs? 
    Both analysers and ordinary programs doing logging?
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