Re: [logs] syslog TCP discussion

From: Mikael Olsson (mikael.olssonat_private)
Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 23:54:07 PST

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    Darren Reed wrote:
    > Bennett Todd wrote:
    > > [tagged better than XML]
    > Software is buggy and that's a fact of life we seem to be unfortunately
    > stuck with.  A bug here or there should not be perceived as anything
    > more than "the odd bug."
    > [...]
    > Does XML follow the KISS principle ?  Depends on how you look at it.
    > [...]
    If we say "use XML", we run the risk of people parsing their logs 
    through big XML libraries.  Tens of thousands of lines of code?
    Perhaps worse: the SAME big XML library, so when one bug strikes,
    everyone becomes vulnerable?
    If we say "use tagged"... Well.. I can build a parser for that that 
    puts all elements in an associative array in about 10 lines of awk.
    I haven't yet had to code on in C, but it doesn't strike me as 
    very hard to do.  
    In my opinion, simply going with tagged output is the way to go.
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