[logs] OSSP l2 and Syslog logging

From: Alexandre Dulaunoy (adulauat_private)
Date: Tue Jan 28 2003 - 08:36:38 PST

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    Flexible Logging
    OSSP l2  is a  C library providing  a very flexible  and sophisticated
    Unix logging facility. It is based on the model of arbitrary number of
    channels, stacked together in a top-down data flow tree structure with
    filtering channels in internal nodes  and output channels on the leave
    Channel trees  can be either constructed  manually through lower-level
    API functions or all at once  with a single API function controlled by
    a compact syntactical description  of the channel tree. For generating
    log messages a printf-style formatting engine is provided which can be
    extended through callback functions.  The data flow inside the channel
    tree is  controlled by (eight  fixed and nine custom)  logging message
    severity levels which are assigned to each individual channel. 
    Channels  are  implemented  by  channel  handlers which  can  be  even
    customer supplied for creating own channels which seamlessly integrate
    into  the framework. For  convinience reasons,  OSSP l2  already ships
    with  pre-implemented  filtering (noop,  filter,  prefix, buffer)  and
    output  (null, fd, file,  pipe, socket,  syslog, smtp)  channels which
    already cover mostly all use cases of logging. 
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