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From: Sweth Chandramouli (loganalysisat_private)
Date: Thu Jan 30 2003 - 12:12:16 PST

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    On Thu, Jan 30, 2003 at 08:38:55AM -0500, Bartlett, Mark A. wrote:
    > Are there any books out there that anyone can recommend that may cover
    > different log types and the meanings behind all the fields?
    	As far as I know, there isn't any such book, nor would
    such a book be practical--the definitions of log data changes so
    rapidly and there are so many apps that would be of potential relevance
    that any such book would be inadequate for a good portion of the
    population and obsolete for the rest.  Online repositories are, IMHO,
    the best solution for disseminating this type of info.
    > If no one can think of any books for that subject what about Log
    > Analysis.  A book that may offer steps on log reduction, techniques for
    > "finding the needle in the haystack", etc.
    	I also don't know of any book on this topic, which is why
    I was writing a book on it for O'Reilly.  After I had finished about 3/4
    of it, however, they had some budgetary issues that forced them to cut
    their 20 most "niche-market" titles, of which mine was one.  I've been
    looking into finishing the book for another publisher, but if I did so,
    I'd have to give back the advance that O'Reilly gave me, which makes it
    make more fiscal sense for me to just leave the book 3/4-finished.  :(
    So, as far as I know, there's still no such book out there.
    	There have been some good papers published on these topics,
    though, that you could probably find if you went Googling.  And of
    course this list is a great place to find other folks who are interested
    in the topic and might want to discuss it.  :)
    	-- Sweth, who had actually stopped reading this list for
    a couple of months in order to attend to other parts of his life, and
    returned to it to find this as the most recent message in the folder.
    Sweth Chandramouli      Idiopathic Systems Consulting
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