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From: Harry Hoffman (
Date: Mon Feb 17 2003 - 20:31:54 PST

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    Hi Wu,
     We're doing almost the same thing here. We use swatch within syslog-ng to
    filter and act upon keywords such as "File System Full". Please see either of
    these sites for more info:
    My site (with a quick how-to)
    or Nate Campi's site (where I got most of the ideas from)
    Quoting ??? <wuhyat_private>:
    *> Hi,
    *>      In our Data Center , we build a central log analysis system. We use
    *> syslog-ng as our central log server . Now about forty web servers, database
    *> servers and application servers forward their syslog records to the central
    *> log server.  Logwatch is used as log analysis software, it analize syslog
    *> record it received and send result to the correspondent system administer.
    *> We use logwatch's default configuration.
    *>       What's  confusing me now is how to move on . Because  logwatch is too
    *> simple , it can not find out all the problems ,such as "file system is full
    *> ". Can any experienced person give me some advice.
    *> Wu Haiyan
    Harry Hoffman
    ITSS Systems Team Leader
    University of Auckland
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