[logs] Release: TLP 1.0

From: Jason Royes (jroyes@da-experts.com)
Date: Wed Sep 03 2003 - 17:26:50 PDT

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    I am happy to announce the release of TLP 1.0. TLP offers system
    administrators and security professionals a means of centralizing text-based
    logs securely and reliably. Without TLP, logs will likely go unmonitored.
    Specific enhancements include:
    - Mutual authentication via certificates.
    - File and program log targets.
    - All programs run as regular users.
    - Improved fault detection.
    - Improved log rotation.
    - Comprehensive documentation in HTML and PDF formats.
    - Binary packages for: Solaris, Debian, RedHat, FreeBSD, and Sun Cobalt.
    Please see http://www.da-experts.com/tlp/ for more information.
    Jason Royes
    Data Access Experts
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