[logs] Newbie questions - remote logging integration

From: Safier, Adam * (Safier@private)
Date: Thu Sep 25 2003 - 05:50:36 PDT

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    I'm a Newbie to logging, expecting to get into a centralization project in
    the future.  We want to capture UNIX, Windows 2000, Windows NT and _Oracle_
    logs.  I'm not looking from a developer view point but a system integrator /
    customer needs list.
    One reason to centralize logging is to reduce the ability of local sysadmins
    being able to modify the log and cover tracks.  That is also why I would
    want to make remote logging as real time as reasonable. Lost log records are
    naturally a big concern so I want to ask the following questions.
    - Can't Windows and UNIX logging be done over TCP?  (The recent High Network
    Load discussion mentioned it once but focuses on UDP.  Why in the world
    would you use UDP for critical data?)
    - If not, can't the logs be redirected to an agent process that transfers
    each new record ASAP to a central server via TCP/IP (and leaves a startup
    and shutdown record)?
    - I'm under the impression that programs like NetIQ use an agent, nu?
    - I expect to be looking for a log analysis program that has the ability to
    do some intelligent digestion and issue security alerts (statistics would be
    nice but not the prime focus).  The products on the Logging web site seem to
    have limited security analysis features, at least from what I gather from
    the on-line glossies.  What products would you recommend for evaluation for
    an Intelligent Log _Security_ Analyzer?   (I have on my list to look at the
    NFR logging program but will not start for a while yet.  Any others?)
    BTW, the organization already bought NetIQ.  I'm considering the specter of
    having to develop our own scripts in NetIQ programming language.  
    Marcus and Tina - A canned Intelligent Log _Security_ Analyzer (ILSA ?)
    service with regular script updates would be a nice option.  Seems IDS is
    headed in that direction to some degree.  Maybe you can start another
    LogAnalysis mailing list

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