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From: Jason Haar (Jason.Haar@private)
Date: Thu Oct 02 2003 - 19:49:10 PDT

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    On Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 01:13:15PM +1000, Philip Webster wrote:
    > network saturation.  Has anyone encountered and solved these solutions 
    > before whilst still maintaining a central log host setup?
    As far as reliability when network outages occur, syslog-ng specifically
    allows you to configure a FIFO - which basically means it'll cache up to "n"
    records when the TCP channel blocks or dies, and will flow those cached
    records through when the other end is up again.
    Obviously there are limits (there always are): how many records you allow it
    to cache impacts how much memory you allocate to the syslog-ng client, this
    cache is in-memory, so will be lost if the syslog-ng client dies for some
    reason, etc.
    We run a three-tier'ed syslog-ng environment. Each site points its syslog
    clients (Unix, Routers, Switches, Windows+ntsyslog, printers) at its
    central syslog server (i.e. over UDP), and the central syslog servers
    replicate their data to a "corporate" central syslog server (over TCP). 
    i.e. each site has a central syslog server, and the corporation has a
    central syslog server containing (most) of the entire companies syslog data.
    We make use of the leaf-node syslog clients configs to remove "chatty" junk
    that we don't want filling up the site Syslog server, and use syslog-ngs
    internal filtering to reduce the amount of that data that needs to flow over
    the WAN to the corporate central syslog server. e.g. some of our PIXes are
    VERY noisy, so specific alerts that we want logged *somewhere*, but we don't
    want logged centrally can be fine-tuned...
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