Re: [logs] Re: [TSG] looking for Logfile partisans

From: Bennett Todd (bet@private)
Date: Wed Oct 15 2003 - 08:11:51 PDT

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    2003-10-15T07:10:02 Tina Bird:
    > loganalysis list, i got this question ages ago and figured you might all
    > be interested in the discussion.
    Definitely interesting!
    > > * Has the state of open source syslog parsing progressed beyond swatch
    > > & logdaemon? [...]
    > swatch is by far the most common choice i see for alerting, although i
    > have the impression that people who advance beyond the "what's a log"
    > stage are far happier with logsurfer, since it allows far more
    > sophisticated responses, and includes the ability to modify its monitoring
    > behavior based on context.
    Besides those, another I keep hearing about, and have in mind to
    look at really closely next time I need such a component, is SEC,
    the Simple Event Correlator.
    Another thing worth looking at closely is syslog-ng's filtering and
    message routing capabilities; while not as powerful as something
    like SEC, it has the _big_ advantage of being synchronous, not
    requiring a separate log tailer; it's my favourite place to focus
    for filtering messages down to avoid performance problems.
    > blame microsoft, again.
    Again? Always! :-)

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