Re: [logs] Log Samples Requested

From: Adrian Grigorof (adrian@private)
Date: Sun Mar 14 2004 - 12:55:12 PST

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    Looking at the existing log collection on I have a
    suggestion. When submitting a log, specify the OS/firmware version of the
    device, the type of syslog server (if applicable) and other device or syslog
    server-specific settings that may affect they log entries (i.e. time stamps
    for Cisco Pix firewalls). For someone developing log-parsing applications
    this type of information is very important. As an example, I have recently
    submitted a Cisco Pix firewall log and this is the additional information
    that I provided:
    - Cisco PIX 515
    - OS version: 6.1(3)
    - Logging level: 7, timestamp enabled
    - Syslog server: Adiscon WinSyslog version 5.0 running on Windows 2003
    Adrian Grigorof
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    Subject: Re: [logs] Log Samples Requested
    > we've been trying to establish a log codex on
    > for some time. Getting log data is like pulling teeth. :) Please, people
    > if you have logs you are willing to share, send them to
    > as well.
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