Re: [logs] Central log server for Apache and qmail log files

From: Jason Monroe \ (monroe@private)
Date: Tue Apr 13 2004 - 10:55:36 PDT

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    There seems to be a slight error in your custom log statement, as given
    issuing a restart to httpd will error with: 
    "CustomLog takes two or three arguments, a file name, a custom log
    format string or format name, and an optional "env=" clause (see docs)"
    To correct this change 
    CustomLog "| /usr/bin/logger -t 'apache_access_log' combined"
    to be 
    CustomLog "| /usr/bin/logger -t 'apache_access_log'" combined
    On Tue, 2004-03-30 at 13:14, Raffael Marty wrote:
    > > I'm setting up a central log server.  My question concerns modifying 
    > > the syslog.conf file for both the client and central log servers.  I 
    > > want to monitor apache access and error logs, as well as qmail and 
    > > qmail scanner log files.  I'm new to setting up syslog servers, so I 
    > > need some help.  By doing searchs on google I know, in general, how 
    > > to setup both the client and central log servers.  I just can't 
    > > figure out how to specifically log apache/qmail/qmail-scanner logs.
    > You can log into syslog out of apache with:
    > ErrorLog "| /usr/bin/logger -t 'apache_error_log' "
    > CustomLog "| /usr/bin/logger -t 'apache_access_log' combined"
    > In the latest apache there is also a possibility to do it directly:
    > ErrorLog syslog:user
    > Hope this helps
    > 	-raffy
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