Re: [logs] Windows Events - "User Account Created" and "ComputerAccount Created"

From: Adrian Grigorof (adrian@private)
Date: Thu Oct 07 2004 - 07:27:57 PDT

Maybe I am wrong, but as far as I can tell, Windows NT does not record event
id 645. The MsAuditE.dll file (the file containing all the event templates)
does not contain a template for this event. Did you ever get the 645 event
on the Windows NT server?

Here is the list of events listed in the MsAuditE.dll file on a Windows NT
SP6a: and here is the
same file on a Windows 2000 Professional:


Adrian Grigorof

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> I have a situation where a "User Account Created" was
> logged unexpectedly.  I followed up and discovered
> that a technician had installed a new computer and
> added it to the domain.  I even verified by
> correlating the event against user accounts and
> computer accounts.
> To summarize, Windows logged "User Account Created"
> (EventID 624) instead of "Computer Account Created"
> (EventID 645).  This is Windows NT 4 running as a
> primary domain controller.  I'm certain the latest
> service packs are installed and about to confirm.  I
> could not find any relvevant MS knowledge base
> articles or hits in Google.  Has anyone every seen
> similar unusual behaviour?

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