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From: Rob Jenkins (rob.jenkins@private)
Date: Tue Oct 19 2004 - 07:08:44 PDT

Hi All

I'm co-founder of a company that develops a suite of Data Mining tools.
These tools have been used by several companies successfully for network/log
analysis. We'd like to work with people who are interested in experimenting
with their use for log analysis. What we'd like to accomplish is to identify
a couple of subsets of our data mining tools that we can package up as
products: One that would be immediately useful for log analysts, and another
that would be useful for log analysis tool developers.

In return, we're offering participants access to our technology through
evaluation software, examples and technical support.

It's not my aim to trigger a discussion on this forum of the pros/cons of a
specific technology, if you would like more information or to discuss this
in more detail then please contact me directly. I will post a summary of any
useful findings to the group.



Rob Jenkins

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